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Map Gallery

Mapping based on pre-produced maps

This section is designed for users with limited experience in digital mapping. Users may select pre-produced topographic and thematic maps in PDF format by topic and scale (between 1:100,000 and 1:1,500,000) for direct printing on large-format printers. The reference size for the pre-produced map series is DIN A0. Users may cut or resize the PDF maps into smaller fragments for printing on smaller office printers. The PDF files may also be used as a scalable background layer for on-screen mapping in any open-source office software. Overall, the pre-produced maps provide an ideal spatial reference for users’ individual mapping needs.

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Online Mapping

Desktop mapping of selected information layers

This section provides geospatial layers in various formats for sketch mapping, use in on-screen apps, and local printing in DIN A4 and DIN A3 format. Users require an Internet connection with a reasonable bandwidth and basic knowledge on how to compose maps from vector layers (points, lines, polygons) and raster layers. Maps may be viewed and printed locally or copied to other applications for further customization.

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Geodata Download

Open geospatial data download

This section is designed for expert-level users (GIS officers) with experience in handling geospatial datasets with GIS and OGS tools. Geospatial layers are accessible for download as national coverages in vector (shapefile) and raster (tiff) formats. Registered users may access them through the Water and Land Resources Information System (WALRIS) at To download open geospatial data, all users must enter through the MapServer Ethiopia platform .

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